Get Unstuck and Go Forward

Your Future Requires You to Grow

One of the greatest hindrances to growth and reaching the future is fear and the comfort zone. As women and mothers, it's time to move beyond where we've grown comfortable in our lives, our identity, and our potential.


Building More Women in the Marketplace

Propelling women into business and out of poverty with knowledge

Propel U is dedicated to helping women discover themselves, recover their skills and talents, and create a strategic plan on how to use those talents to create multiple and creative streams of income.

Propel U was designed with a purpose in mind to help many women out of cycles and the stuck place and help them to move forward.



How Much More Time Are You Willing to Waste?

Do you want to be stuck this time next year?

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Our Main Focus

What comes out of Propel U

  • Innovation

    There is innovation in you and this course offers to help you recognize it to bring it out of you.

  • Strategy

    Develop a strategy and game plan of you're going to infiltrate the marketplace and break poverty.

  • Community

    Join our community and learn why building one is always important for growth and moving forward.

  • Wealth

    Your greatest wealth are the ideas that you have in your mind that you don't utilize.

Make Your Next Move, Your Best Move

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This is Your Community

You belong here if you feel any one or more of these areas

  • You feel stuck in making a decision for your next move concerning another stream of income

  • You need a new perspective on your business idea

  • You need some help in discovering your strengths, talents, and gifts and how to package them

  • You want to get unstuck and want to move forward

Meet Jessica

Creator + Instructor

I'm responsible for vision, strategy, and inspiration. 

I'm Jessica and I'm here to help call out the potential of other women. Over the last couple of years, I chose entrepreneurship because I had no Plan B after being forced to walk away from my job because I couldn't afford childcare. In that time I became an author and an entrepreneur building business and blog websites for other women who couldn't afford a high priced site and didn't have the 'know-how' to do it themselves.

I built those businesses having absolutely nothing. The process was a challenge and the businesses were a success but definitely had a lot of failures. This is my platform to show other women HOW they can do whatever they dream of, too.

What It Will Cost You...

Change Has a Price

The real price to any major life change is the decision you're willing to make and the drive and tenacity that you have for the journey. 

Build the Business "Broke"

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